Fame by astrology , Achieve fame easily

This article may lead you to yours long awaited fame:

Fifth house is key house of  fame and it represent your skill sets and intelligence, first understand what are other major significations of fifth house.

Fifth House in astrology – House of Fame/Creativity/Children/Authority/Intelligence beside these following aspects of life are also seen by Fifth House:

Literature ,Theater,Performance Art
Fame, Popularity, Celebrity Status
Authorship,Academic Credentials
Mother’s Money/Values
Gambling, Gaming, Casinos, Speculation, Investment Banking
Courtship and Romance
Royal Powers
Higher Knowledge
Mantra Siddhi
Tantra Siddhi
Shravan Shruti
Paternal Grandfather

Planets In 5 house
Guys you have inbuilt intelligence for certain things which you can check from below, if no planet is present in your fifth house then you can consider lord of fifth house and in case more then one planet present you have to check strength and suitability of planet to find your key strength.

Sun in 5 house – Theater and Political Intelligence
Moon in 5 house- Intuitive Intelligence
Mars in 5 house- Competitive Sport and Dynamic Intelligence
Saturn in 5 house- Leadership Social Intelligence
Venus in 5 house- Artistic Designing Intelligence
Mercury in 5 house- Writing Communication Media Intelligence
Rahu in 5 house- Unorthodox New Idea generating Intelligence
Ketu in 5 house- Philosophical Research Intelligence

Special Points :
a. Fifth lord placement in trine (1,5,9) is conmanly  found in famous personalities.
b.We have to also check strength of 5 house from sun,moon and Jupiter for other signification of fifth house to check overall strength of  capabilities.
c.Fifth house is powerful house and its association with 9 lord can bring massive fame during favorable dasha.

Find your key strength associate it with your passion then with bit perseverance fame will sure come to you , do share these fame sutras provided by astronama astrosutras .
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